Pelvic Pain and Disorders

Pelvic disorder is a term used to describe muscles ligaments and connective tissue that provides support to a woman's internal organs, bowel, bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum. These surrounding tissues not only keep the organs in their place, but also assist in their proper function.

Any condition or trauma that can affect the nerves can result in weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. Some disorders are urinary leakage, bowel gas or leakage, overactive bladder, having to go often. Constipation and sensations as if the vagina and cervix were falling or pulling down to the ground. Pain may be present as well.

Pelvic disorders are treated with multiple disciplinary medicines. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Formulas, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Exercise, Sound Therapy, Acutonics and Homeopathy. Every woman's body is different; therefore our approach to your body is unique to you. Become an active participant in the return to your Health today.

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