Mother's Wellness

Our Mother Wellness Visits are designed to ease the journey into mother hood. Many of our fertility patients move on to the Mother Wellness.These are monthly treatments in which, we follow your pregnancy and prepare the body for delivery. We treat morning sickness, anxiety, insomnia, heartburn, depression and other related pregnancy conditions. For information regarding treatment for breech presented pregnancies, please contact us.

Useful tips to ease your pregnancy:

  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water... Helps prevent uterine contractions.
  • Get off your feet between 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, if you can...
  • Try prenatal Yoga, for stress.

Pick up a pair of Sea Bands, your local pharmacy should have them, for motion sickness. It is placed directly over an acupuncture point to aid in nausea. What most people do not know is that it can treat headaches and dizziness in pregnancy too!!! I wore them during both my pregnancies... Keep them handy.

Mother Wellness may continue after childbirth. We do offer treatments to help lactation, and post pregnancy depression.

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