Fertility and Infertility

The treatment of fertility with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs dates back over 2000 years. Acupuncture treatments can improve a woman's body and prepare her for conception and childbirth. In the 1990's researchers found that restricted blood flow to the uterus basically meant low pregnancy rates. Acupuncture treatments can actually increase blood flow to the uterus. Our fertility treatments address many facets of Infertility. We harmonize the body to improve better quality of follicles and prepare the uterine lining for best implantation. Many of our patients are currently undergoing I.V.F procedures and we treat according to the schedule of procedures, so it is important to call two to three months for appointments to allow for preparation of treatments.

There are also many patients that want to just prepare their bodies for pregnancy and would like to improve their chances of becoming pregnant. We call it going the natural route. We have treatments specifically designed for the Natural Route too!

  • Think ahead! Identifying disharmonies early before planning a pregnancy or (IVF, IUI treatments) can set the stage for best conception.
  • Eat plenty of green leaf vegetables. The female body is always losing blood thru menstruation.
  • Hydrate with H2O Water, the fastest way to hydrate.
  • Relax. I always encourage Kundalini Yoga...

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