Arthritis Treatment in Miami, FL

Natural Medicines such as Acupuncture have been known to positively affect Arthritis which is an inflammatory condition in the body. Arthritis can occur in multiple joints throughout the body, and can be accompanied by stiffness and burning sensations in the joint. The literal meaning of Arthritis is Joint Inflammation". There are different forms of Arthritis such as Rheumatoid which is auto immune, Osteo- Arthritis which results from wear and tear of the joints, and Infectious Arthritis which develops from a viral or bacterial or even an infection of fungal origin. These are a few different forms of Arthritis which are commonly treated with Acupuncture.

Some recommendations to alleviate Arthritis are to increase foods in your diet that have a natural anti-inflammatory affect. Pumpkin and squash are my first picks. Did you know that potatoes too can reduce all types of inflammation in the body? Celery is another favorite food choice, it works great when treating Gout, nerve inflammation and rheumatic types of arthritis. It reduces the acidity levels the blood which is frequently seen in tissue inflammations.

Consume some deep sea fish which are rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Omega-3 essential fatty acids have been known to reduce inflammation throughout the body too. Ginger is a wonderful herb that is used routinely in Chinese Herbal Medicine. It has powerful anti -oxidant affect and anti- inflammatory. Ginger inhibits the production of pain producing prostaglandins. Also lastly, do not forget that regular exercise like swimming and walking can help relieve stiffness and increase mobility. Please consult your primary care physician before taking any supplement or herb and before starting an exercise routine.

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