Anxiety & Sadness

Did you know that anxiety, stress, panic attacks and sadness are more common at all ages then once thought? Did you know that Anxiety occurs twice as many times in women than in men? Well, men are reporting it less often. Did you know that Depression and Sadness affects 22 percent of Americans?

There are many ways that one can help their body cope with the demands of daily living. We know that when the body is provided with nutrition and rest and play, it can perform in greater ways.

There are many herbs and nutritional supplements that have a multi beneficial affect. Herbs like Chamomile has a dual affect not only can it sooth the mind but it is also a muscle relaxer. Skull cap is another herb to mention here. Not only is it a muscle relaxer and relieves nervousness, but has a great affect in relieving menstrual cramps. Another combination that deserves more attention is Calcium and Magnesium. Calcium is a natural tranquilizer when considering the world of minerals. And when combined with Magnesium is helps relieve anxiety and muscular tensions, like the tight muscles around the neck and shoulders that we all complain about. This combination is great for muscular spasm and bone health. But my favorite reason for using this combination is to relieve nervous tension. Always contact your healthcare provider before starting any supplement or herbal supplement. They can interact with medications and other supplements that you are already taking.

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