Immunity and Autoimmune Disorders

There is so much that Natural Medicine has to offer when assisting the body in the enhancement of its immunity. When the body has been taxed and weakened it may give rise to opportunistic conditions that can create diseases. There are options available for the treatment of these diseases. In the US there has been a climb in the diagnosed cases of varying autoimmune disorders. In the United States alone roughly 75% of autoimmune disorders occur in Women. There has also been a climb in diagnosed cases of varying Cancers as well.

An immune system disorder is where the body response is over active or under active. In an Auto Immune disorder the body attacks and damages it’s own tissue and does not recognize the difference between it’s own and foreign. Symptoms may vary. There may be pain throughout the entire body, joint pain, head aches, digestive disturbances, muscle cramps, changes in blood sugar, weight gain or weight loss, changes in appetite and body weakness and poor sleep. These are a few symptoms that the body may express.

Acupuncture can treat these expressions of symptoms. Treatments are most often given two to three times a week. Oriental Medicine and Herbal medicine can help restore the body’s healthy state. We have 30 day plans specifically for these treatments. Come in for a consultation.

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