About Dr. Maryann Child

Director and Physician at Florida Natural Medicine

Dr. Maryann Child is the director and attending physician at Florida Natural Medicine in Miami, Florida. She is NCCAOM Board certified and has been in practice for over 20 years in South Florida. Maryann consults and lectures worldwide to physicians and patients regarding alternative treatments for Vulvodynia and Vestibulities. Her work with patients with Vulvodynia extends to several countries. She continues to further her knowledge on women's pelvic health and related disorders. She holds may certifications in the field of Natural Medicine. Dr. Child holds certifications in Advanced Injection Therapies. She uses Homeopathy, Vitamins and Herbal formulations; she is a Classically trained Homeopathic Practitioner and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Maryann is also a Sound Vibrational Practitioner and is certified as an Acutonic practitioner. Maryann uses many vibrational modalities such as Flower Essences and Orchid Essences. She is very fond of this gentle medical approach. The exploration and discoveries of new orchids and mushrooms species has become a passionate hobby for the Doctor. Over the last several years she has expanded her practice specialty into the field of Immunity and Auto Immune Therapies. Maryann began her studies in Natural Medicine in 1996. She has been a practitioner of the healing arts for over 20 years and incorporates many different modalities in treatment of the body. She specializes' in Women's health and their many disharmonies. She is passionate about her work and explorations.


"We were functionally designed for greatness”
- Dr. Maryann Child

What We Do

We incorporate the use of natural medicines to assist in the healing or recovery of disease of modern man. We are a holistic medical clinic, which treats western medical conditions with traditional Chinese medicine. We perform procedures such as Acupuncture, Moxabustion, Cupping, Shiatsu & Tui Na. We also treat disease by using traditional Chinese Herbal formulas, which predates the use of acupuncture. We also have other forms of treatments such as Homeopathy, the use of Flower Essences, and sound vibrational therapies. We also include Hypnotherapy and Counseling. We Treat a wide variety of conditions. Everyone's symptoms are different like everyone's body is different. Each treatment is formulated for the individual patient.

Some of What We
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About Vulvodynia

Vulvodynia is a condition, which few in the medical profession have yet to resolve or even understand. Little research exists and little is known about its origins or how best to treat it. What does seem apparent is that for those women who that do have it, it is a constant daily dis-ease. Characteristics of Vulvodynia may vary from woman to the next, what is very certain is that there is usually pain and possible burning of the vulva. The level of pain can change from mild to severe. The etiology behind the condition may vary from one woman to the next, so differential diagnosis is essential for individual patient care. This differential diagnosis is what sets Chinese Medicine aside from Western Medical approach. Two women with the same diagnosis may have completely different disharmonies, so treatment is very unique to the patient’s personal body care.

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Woman's Health

We understand the daily demands of Women's lives in our modern world. These daily challenges can affect ones wellbeing. Let us assist you in creating your Optimal Health. We have a wide variety of treatments designed for specific ailments in Women's bodies. Dr. Child uses Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other Natural Medicines such as Homeopathy and Flower Essence Therapy.

*Please note that during initial visits, it is strongly recommended to bring in your menstrual calendar if you are of menstruating age. Again feel free to contact the office.

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